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Emergency dental services can make the difference between losing a tooth, or saving it. Most emergency rooms can’t help with a dental emergency. If you’re having a dental emergency, your dentist can best treat you. Medical emergency rooms lack the equipment and knowledge to handle most situations where the patient’s teeth or gums are at risk for permanent damage. Waiting for treatment isn’t an option, and at Soundview Family Dental, we put our patients and their dental emergencies first.

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Don’t delay treatment – get the help you need now. At Soundview Family Dental in Edmonds, we set aside hours in our scheduling each day to accommodate dental emergencies. This allows us to treat patients who are in severe pain and can’t wait, or those who have had an injury to their teeth, like a tooth being dislodged or displaced. While your first instinct may be to go to the emergency room, we urge you to contact our office first. In most cases, we can assess the problem over the phone and determine whether you should be seen immediately, or if the situation can wait to be resolved the next day (if outside of regular office hours).

We do have an after-hours line available. The line is accessible whenever you need to contact our dentists in an emergency. When you call, an emergency dentist will go over your specific situation and whether it requires immediate attention. If the problem can wait until the next business day, we will fit you in quickly in the dedicated slots we have open for emergencies.

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Emergency Dental Care in Edmonds WA

What’s Considered a Dental Emergency and When Should You Call Us?

One of the most common questions we have at Soundview Family Dental is what is considered a dental emergency, and when should you call. The best way to describe an emergency is anything that you are feeling uneasy about. This could mean you have a loose tooth or you’re having significant tooth pain. While a medical emergency room can help with the pain, or even prescribe antibiotics, you should call your dentist first. As tooth specialists, we are better able to assess and treat the situation than an ER doctor could. You should contact our Edmonds, WA office for emergency service if you are experiencing any of the following:

Extreme tooth pain.

A permanent tooth that’s become loose.
A permanent tooth that’s fallen out or been forcibly dislodged.
Redness and swelling of the gums accompanied by pain.
Problems after a restoration procedure, such as dental implants.

If you’ve just lost a permanent tooth, rinse the tooth in plain water without scrubbing. If the tooth will rest gently in the socket from which it was removed, you may try setting it there until you can get to the dentist – but be careful that you are not in danger of swallowing the tooth. Alternatively, you may sometimes prolong the viability of a tooth by putting it in a cup of milk. There is only a limited amount of time to get the tooth back into your jaw before it loses viability, because it is living tissue

Prevent the Preventable

Untimely tooth loss is something no one wants to go through. Losing a tooth can affect your confidence in a major way. However, just because a tooth is loose or even if it has come out of the socket, there are options available to save it. If your tooth has come out, keep the tooth. It may be possible for us to position the tooth and prevent permanent tooth loss. When calling after hours, our dentists can advise the best way to avoid tooth loss, and preserve your tooth for restoration.

For those who are experiencing severe pain, we can help solve this problem as well. We know that pain from an infected tooth or abscess is one of the worst pains a person can experience. Our dentists can address the issue quickly, and help you to feel better sooner.

Urgency Is Key

Tooth Pain
Emergency dental care is critical when your teeth are on the line. If you’ve had an accident or trauma to your mouth, or you’ve had a tooth knocked out, the first step is not to panic. While losing a tooth or having a permanent tooth that wiggles can be frightening, it doesn’t mean that you need to lose hope.

Taking quick action can make all the difference. Our Edmonds dental office is always here to reassure you, and to advise what you should do while waiting for an appointment if your emergency can wait till the next day.

Our Guarantee

We know during an emergency, it is crucial to have a dentist you can trust for immediate attention. Our top priority is our patients, and we are here anytime you need us. Whether it is during normal business hours or not, someone is available to discuss your dental problem. Sometimes an emergency can’t wait, and we can get you in immediately to address the issue. In cases where it can wait until regular business hours, we have slots reserved for precisely these reasons.

Dr. Kitts Is Your Emergency Dentist

In Edmonds, WA, our patients have the emergency care they need, when it is needed the most. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, contact us right away. We know that during this time you are probably frightened. Perhaps you’re worried that you could have permanently lost your tooth, or maybe you’re in extreme pain, but rest assured – we will do everything we can to correct the problem.

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