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Mouthguards can be used for a variety of reasons. Mouthguards are fitted for the upper arch, similar to an orthodontic retainer.  A mouthguard is extremely helpful if you suffer from TMJ, or if you have a habit of grinding your teeth while sleeping. A mouthguard is a simple and effective way to prevent aging of the teeth through excessive wear and tear.  We are pleased to offer this customized service to our patients in the Edmonds, WA area.

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Why Choose Soundview Family Dental for Mouthguard Services?

Having a healthy smile starts with proper oral care habits at home, and regularly visiting your dentist. At Soundview Family Dental, we assist patients every day for all their dental concerns. Mouthguards are just one of many preventive treatments we offer to ensure you have the best smile possible while providing protection against bruxism (grinding of the teeth), during sports, or to limit TMJ symptoms.

Dr. Kitts will take an impression of your mouth. If you have tried over the counter mouth guards, the process is somewhat similar. However, our products and techniques allow us to create a personalized, custom-fit mouthguard that is more comfortable to wear and fits much better. Our mouthguards are also resistant to tears, durable, and easy to clean.

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Is a Mouthguard Right for You?

Have you been considering getting a mouthguard, or don’t know if it is right for you? Because there are several instances where this dental appliance can be useful, take a look at the most common reasons to consider having our dentist create a one-of-kind mouthguard for your smile.


You are a nightly teeth grinder. 


You play high-intensity sports. 


You have a temporomandibular disease.


You have braces and desire more comfort while sleeping. 

While there are over-the-counter options out there for mouthguards, we don’t recommend them. Over-the-counter mouthguards are prone to failure and can be quite expensive. Instead, our dentist will take a mold of your teeth to create your perfect mouthguard. This will be more comfortable, will have no ridges, and will be less bulky than over-the-counter options.

Prevent Further Damage to Your Teeth

If you have problems with grinding your teeth at night, this can slowly wear down your teeth. Once the enamel is gone, sensitivity can become a real issue, causing pain when eating or drinking hot or cold items.

To prevent nightly grinding, we can create a specialized mouthguard known as a nocturnal bite plate or bite splint that will actively prevent tooth damage from occurring. While your jaw will still want to grind your teeth, the teeth will have a protective barrier between them.

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The Real Cost of Teeth Grinding

Do you grind your teeth at night? Did you know this can be extremely bad for your teeth? When your teeth grind, it will wear down the enamel. The enamel protects the tooth from things like tooth decay. While it can take a few years for this to happen, every night that your teeth grind, it wears down the surface just a little bit more. To prevent enamel loss and tooth decay, a mouthguard can be put in at bedtime. This will stop teeth from rubbing together and effectively fight against tooth damage and chipping.

Preserving Your Teeth for Years to Come

If you could use something that could prevent damage to your teeth and keep your smile looking beautiful, wouldn’t you want to? Mouthguards are affordable. They provide the protection you desire to keep your teeth from being injured, whether you are active in sports or whether you grind your teeth in your sleep. Often, our patients find that regular use of their mouthguards prevents chipping and decay. Our custom-fit mouthguards will fit your smile like a glove. They will be 10x more comfortable than store-bought options and are highly effective at solving dental damage that can occur from sports or grinding.

Our Personal Guarantee

We know taking the steps toward preventing damage to the teeth is essential to our patients. During your appointment for creating and placing your mouthguard, our dentist will take every action possible to ensure you are comfortable. Getting a mouthguard made is a relatively pain-free process. Our dentist will talk you through the fitting and ensure you are comfortable and relaxed. Once your mouthguard is created, we guarantee you’ll have the best protection while playing sports, or at night to prevent damage to your teeth.

Added Protection for Your Teeth with Mouthguards from Soundview Family Dental in Edmonds, WA!

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