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Oral cancer is highly treatable if caught early. With early detection for oral cancer screenings at Soundview Family Dental, we can identify symptoms that may indicate cancer of the gums, mouth, and throat. Cancer screenings are done routinely during exams, and take only a few minutes to complete.

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We are pleased to be your Edmonds dental office for all your dental needs. Oral cancer screening is done in the office, at the same time as your routine exam. There is no need to make a separate appointment to have this fantastic life-saving service done. Dr. Kitts and Dr. Hewett perform oral cancer screenings during the exam. If they find anything out of the ordinary, they may ask you to make a follow-up visit to reassess.

Our office uses the latest in dental technology to ensure our patients receive the best care possible. Our dentists are highly skilled and can identify signs of oral cancer quickly.

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Oral Cancer Screenings in Edmonds WA

Why You Need Oral Cancer Screenings

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While you may not want to know if you’re at risk of having oral cancer, it is important to be screened. Certain factors can make you more susceptible, including smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages. However, anyone could be at risk. For this reason, you should visit our office every six months for cleanings, exams, and your oral cancer screenings for early detection.

Thereare nearly no early warning signs or symptoms of oral cancer. But oral cancer can appear in several places throughout the mouth. The gums, tongue, the roof of the mouth, and the back of your throat are all locations where lesions can be present. Typically the first sign of oral cancer will present with small red or white spots in the mouth. If you have had a sore in your mouth that hasn’t healed, this is also something you will want to discuss with our dentists.

Benefits of Oral Cancer Screenings

For our experienced dentists, it takes no time at all to spot these warning signs. Check out these benefits of having your routine screenings with Soundview Family Dental in Edmonds, WA:
Early detection can make a huge difference.
The exam only takes minutes to complete.
Greater peace of mind.
Oral cancer can spread quickly.
A treatment plan can be created if symptoms are found.
Precancerous conditions can be noted by our dentists and followed up with additional testing to determine the best course of action for treatment. If lesions are found, a biopsy may be necessary to rule out cancerous cells. A simple oral cancer screening is highly affordable and well worth the additional cost when performed on its own. While we will check for warning signs of cancer during exams and cleanings, patients can request an oral cancer screening on its own. Give our office a call at (425) 563-6360, or request an appointment online.

Don’t Take Risks with Your Health

Oral cancer, when caught early, is highly treatable. However, allowing it to progress can cause complications and more difficulties with effective treatment. Most any type of cancer can quickly spread. For this reason, having regular exams can be a lifesaver. Don’t take chances with your health; Soundview Family Dental is here to help. Ask us about an oral cancer screening today. .

A Simple Screening Could Save Your Life

An oral cancer screening is entirely painless. It is a very short exam but can reveal potentially harmful cancer symptoms. While our dentists, Dr. Kitts, and Dr. Hewett, will do a visual screening during a routine cleaning or exam appointment, you can have an oral cancer screening on its own, if you feel that you may be at risk, or if you’ve noticed something unusual. We would be more than happy to help get you the answers you want.

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Our Guarantee

At Soundview Family Dental, we do our best to make sure our patients are comfortable and have a full understanding of their oral health. We will explain any findings that may come up during an examination, and what would be the best course of treatment. If you have questions, Dr. Kitts and Dr. Hewett would be more than happy to answer them. We know the thought of cancer can be frightening, and some people would like to avoid thinking about it as much as possible. But with routine screenings, oral cancer is one of the most treatable types of cancer.

How Do We Test for Oral Cancer?

There are two methods of testing for oral cancer. The first is through a visual examination, to identify if there are any unusual growths or lesions present. The second part of testing is doing a biopsy on suspected cancer sites. This requires cutting a portion of the lesion and examination for cancerous cells.

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Have you noticed something suspicious in your mouth? Something that doesn’t look right on your gums, tongue, or at the back of the throat.

An oral cancer screening may save your life. Take charge of your oral health today! Give our office a call to schedule your oral cancer screening now.

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