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Few things you hear in the doctor’s office are as anxiety-inducing as the phrase, “You’re going to need surgery.” And, we all know shopping around for an oral surgeon is probably not high on your list of things you want to do today.

We are able to offer several oral surgery procedures in office saving you the time and hassle of visiting a separate oral surgeon. Furthermore, many patients are more comfortable having surgery in the office they are accustomed to visiting. Our in office surgery services can save you time and keep you more comfortable while you meet your dental care needs.

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Tooth Extractions

While no one wants to have a tooth extracted, we work hard to make sure the experience has as little physical and emotional discomfort as possible. If you need a tooth extracted we will set up an appointment for you to have it done in office at your earliest convenience. We take the same care with your extractions that we try to give in all our services.


“If you are trying to decide on what dentist to use, look no further. Dr Kitts and his staff is your new dental office. I just returned home from a leisurely, that’s right, leisurely pulling of a tooth. I was a bit anxious about my decision to have the tooth pulled and the pain associated with it. Dr Kitts and his entire staff at Soundview Family Dental were patient, gentle and kind. It was actually a great experience. Thank you from one happy patient.”

– Melissa

Root Canals

A root canal is typically a non-surgical therapy to remove the nerve from a tooth and any decay from inside a tooth that has infected or inflamed pulp, the soft tissue that makes up the inside of teeth. A root canal can help save a natural tooth, which helps maintain healthy biting and chewing. In turn, saving the natural tooth through a root canal also can help reduce strain on the surrounding teeth and prevent them from slipping or twisting into the opening left after an extraction.

Although an endodontist is often the specialist that comes to mind for a root canal, our office is able to help you in with in-office root canals – both non-surgical and surgical for more complex cases. Our dentists have the training, the expertise and the skill to perform a root canal when one is needed without the need to shop for additional dental care providers. In fact, today’s root canal technique often makes a root canal seem no more extensive than a regular cavity filling to the patient.

If you need oral surgery to preserve your oral health we are happy and ready to help you make it as pleasant and painless and experience as we can. Our in office dental surgery services may make the need for surgery more tolerable, letting you stay in a place you know with people you know and trust.

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