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Receding gums happen when the margin of the gum tissue starts to wear away or pull back from the teeth. When a patient has receding gums, pockets form around the teeth. These pockets collect food and bacteria and create an environment where plaque and tartar can build up. Gum recession can lead to sensitivity in the teeth, tooth decay, and tooth loss. If your gums are receding, it is essential to see a dentist as soon as possible. There are treatments available to stop the recession and repair the gums and thereby prevent further damage.

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Why Choose Soundview Family Dental for Your Receding Gum Treatment?

Have you noticed that your teeth have become more sensitive, or that one tooth is longer than the others? These are common symptoms of receding gums. At Soundview Family Dental, Dr. Kitts has years of experience with gum disease and gum recession treatments. We understand that many of the situations surrounding gum disease or recession can seem frightening. We will walk you through the treatment process, and answer any questions you may have regarding services. 


Our goal is always to give our patients the best care possible, whether you are visiting for cleaning, or whether you need more extensive treatments. Your treatments are tailored to your specific needs, no one else’s, and we will make every effort to give you the best results possible using the latest techniques in the dental field.

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Are Receding Gum Treatments Right for You?

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You may be wondering if you have a receding gum problem. The first step is visiting our office for a consultation. However, there are some symptoms you can identify at home, that can alert you as to whether or not you should see a dentist for treatment. Some of these signs can include: 

  • Bleeding gums
  • A tooth or teeth that appear longer than the rest
  • Gums pulling away from teeth
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold beverages
  • A notch felt at the gumline 

These symptoms are characteristic of gum recession and are vital indicators that there is a problem. With early detection, gum recession is easily treatable. The most common way of treating the problem is with scaling and root planing. This will eliminate any debris under the gumline. Then an antibiotic can be given to clear up any infection that may be present. However, if the gum recession is left to continue, the result can be harmful bacteria deteriorating the tooth and healthy jaw bone tissue. 

Our treatments for gum recession can include open flap scaling and root planing, regeneration for the jawbone loss, or a soft tissue graft to cover any exposed tooth roots

Delaying Treatment can be Costly

You may have noticed that your teeth are more sensitive when eating and drinking. Or you may have found that your teeth don’t look the way they used to, or wondered why your gum line is pulling away from your teeth. These are all signals to come in and visit the dentist for treatment for gum recession. When you put off visiting the dentist for treatment, the recession will only get worse. Eventually, the tooth root will be exposed, leaving it wide open for bacteria. This will cause the tooth to decay and eventually die. The only solution once the tooth dies is removal; however, sometimes, the tooth can come out on its own. But these situations can be prevented with simple treatment solutions from Soundview Family Dental, including scaling and root planing.

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Gum disease can cause many problems. It is the leading contributor to gum recession too. If you’ve noticed that when brushing or flossing, your gums are bleeding, visiting the dentist can resolve this, and prevent a recession from occurring. If you care for your teeth and have cleanings regularly, often many of these issues can be prevented. With our gum recession treatment, we can get your teeth and gums back to their original, healthy condition, which we will help you maintain and keep healthy for the rest of your life.

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We know that visiting the dentist is often scary, and the thought of scraping the tooth might sound painful. But our office does everything we can to make our patients comfortable throughout the entire procedure. You won’t have to worry about any pain or discomfort, as we will numb the areas where we will be working. This will allow us to effectively remove the bacteria under the gums, while you feel no pain at all. After the procedure is completed, it may feel slightly sore but manageable. With proper at-home care, which we will teach you, you will notice that your gums will heal, look better, and have less tooth sensitivity.

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Prevent tooth decay or tooth loss with gum recession treatment at our Edmonds, WA dental office. We offer advanced procedures that can effectively restore gum tissue, eliminate bacteria, and help you to have the healthy smile you deserve.

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