Sinus Lifts

Improve Bone Quality for Better Dental Implant Success

Sinus lifts, sometimes called a sinus augmentation, restores the jawbone after bone loss, allowing optimal conditions for placing dental implants. Bone loss can happen to anyone. But don’t let it stop you from having the beautiful complete smile you deserve!

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Sinus Lifts from Soundview Family Dental Will Set You up for Success!

A sinus lift is typically used for patients who need better bone quality and quantity to accept a restoration, like dental implants. This procedure is complicated and requires a skilled oral surgeon. At Soundview Family Dental we have experience performing dental implants and sinus lifts to give our patients the results they have been hoping for.

We use the latest techniques in the dental field to ensure our patients get the best care possible, and amazing results. Sinus lifts make it possible for some of our patients to get dental implants including All-On-4 Implants that can completely restore their smile.

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Sinus Lifts in Edmonds WA

Is a Sinus Lift Right for You?

Sinus Lift Diagram

There are many benefits to having a sinus lift. Improving the quality of your jawbone allows for adding augmented bone, which can enhance the shape of your face in addition to providing an excellent foundation for implants.

By raising the sinus floor, the new bone material makes for an excellent site for dental implants, a permanent restoration for missing teeth.

A sinus lift is a surgical procedure performed on the upper back jawbone. This is traditionally where most patients lose their bone density.

Unfortunately, this area needs quality bone matter to attach an implant to form a complete replacement or dental implants in the rear of the arch including the molars. Healing time varies for each patient, with an expected full recovery time of 4-12 months.

Benefits of Sinus Lifts


A better foundation for dental implants.

Improved exterior aesthetic.
Enhanced quality of jawbone material.
Minimal discomfort associated with sinus lifts.

Dreaming of Dental Implants, but Have Significant Bone Loss?

Those that want to complete their smile using the innovative approach of dental implants need to have the quality bone mass to accept the implants.

Unfortunately, bone loss can happen over time. Those that currently wear dentures for replacement teeth may have a significant bone loss because the denture rests directly on the gum line. But having bone loss doesn’t disqualify you from having a permanent solution to missing teeth.

With sinus lifts, we can restore your jawbone to an acceptable amount and healthy ideal for placing an implant.

Showing Off Sinus Lifts

A Complete Smile, Made Possible with Sinus Lifts

If you could have permanent tooth replacements, wouldn’t you want to? Sinus lifts give patients their dream of a beautiful, complete smile. As a surgical procedure, there are always risks of infection, but sinus lifts are considered safe and effective. If you’ve noticed a decrease in bone loss, or have been told you can’t have dental implants because of bone loss, we can help.

Our Guarantee to Our Patients

We know any surgery can be overwhelming. Our goal is to make every patient comfortable during the procedure. With a sinus lift, we guarantee that you will have a better quality bone mass to accept dental implants and restore lost bone matter.


How painful is a sinus lift?

Known as indirect fillings, inlays and onlays are used to fill spaces in the teeth, typically from a cavity. They are considered the best treatment option for filling spaces because they are stronger, longer lasting and an excellent choice for dental repairs. Inlays and onlays are considered an alternative to crowns in some situations.

How dangerous is a sinus lift?

Sinus lifts are considered completely safe. With any surgical procedure there are minor risks. With a sinus lift, acute sinusitis is one concern to be aware of. However, with prompt treatment, it can be treated.

Increase Your Jawbone Quality With Sinus Lifts From
Soundview Family Dental in Edmonds

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