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Digital Smile Design has been a breakthrough service in the dental field. A cosmetic dentist can tailor treatments to meet a patient’s aesthetic desire, based on their input. With the use of computer-aided drafting software, you can pinpoint the specific dental concerns that are bothering you, for seamless communication between you and our dentist.

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When a patient visits our office, we want them to be as comfortable as possible. We know discussing issues with the appearance of your smile isn’t always easy, and others may have dental phobias that have kept them from visiting the dentist for years. But our top priority is always you, our patient. We will address any problems you may be having to give you a beautiful, healthy smile; one that you can be more than proud to show off.

Our team has been practicing together for nearly 20 years. We are dedicated to furthering our office and offering the latest techniques in the industry. With the addition of Smile Design, we are able to provide our patients with a unique opportunity to see their smile like never before. With the use of the latest technology and software, we can give you a smile you’ve always desired, that matches perfectly with your facial features.

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Is Smile Design Right for You?

Smile Design Patient With Makeover

Many of us have things we don’t like about our smiles. Some may dislike a discoloration, while others are annoyed at the shape of a front tooth. It happens. But that doesn’t mean you have to go through life disliking your smile, and being embarrassed to flash your pearly whites.

With Smile Design we can go deeper into the structure of your smile and pinpoint the areas that may be throwing your smile off balance, and create a treatment plan that addresses all of your cosmetic dental needs.

The benefits of having a Smile Design consultation include being able to show the dentist precisely what is bothering you. For those that have a difficult time relating what the actual issue is, such as you can’t put your finger on it, this is the best way to communicate.

Often the goal can be to restore a patient’s smile, and other times it could be to correct issues that are making the patient less thrilled about their teeth and gums, and how they relate to the shape and contours of their face.

We Will Check the Following During Your Smile Makeover Consultation

Facial Aesthetics
Facial features in relation to dental features
Midline positions
Functionality considerations including phonetics

Living with Dental Imperfections

Most of us aren’t born with a perfect smile. Whether you have had imperfections for years, or have just noticed something about your teeth or gums you dislike, it can weigh heavily on how you feel about yourself, in a variety of situations. Having a smile you can be confident about can give you a leg up with your personal life, career, or just help you to feel more outgoing and ready to take on the world. Something as small as your smile can have an enormous effect on your daily life. We are so pleased to offer Smile Design in our office to help patients feel better about their smile and improve their quality of life.

We know that talking with someone about your dental issues, such as having a gummy smile or misshapen teeth, can be troublesome. We want our patients to know that we fully understand, and we are here to make you feel comfortable. Smile Design has taken the dental field by storm because it gives the patient the ability to address their concerns and speak openly with their dentist about changes they would like to make. A visual representation and a well-crafted treatment plan WILL get you the results you desire.

Dentist Eric Kitts and RDA With Patient

Design Your Smile & Get the Exact Results You Want!

What if you had the smile you’ve always wanted? How would that change your life? The answer is, it CAN change your life, and in many more ways than you might think. The significant change that comes when you love your smile is increased confidence. Look at anyone that has a gorgeous smile, or perhaps someone that you envy for their bright, white perfect-looking smile. One of the noticeable differences for people who have a beautiful smile is they confidently display it. If you aren’t feeling this way about your teeth, isn’t it time you do something about it? We would love the opportunity to give you a smile you want but also deserve.

Our Guarantee

Have you tried talking to another dentist about your dental concerns, and have been brushed off, or they have never indeed addressed the heart of the issue?

What we’ve found from many of our patients is that features that they have been unhappy with were swept under the rug, so to speak. Either their former dentist didn’t listen to their concerns, or brushed them off as “unnecessary.” We are fully committed to listening, and helping you achieve the smile you want. With Smile Design, we will go into detail.

We will address your concerns, and make recommendations based on what is aesthetically pleasing, and what will get you to the result you are searching for. You are our top priority, and we guarantee we will do everything we can to fulfill your desire for a beautiful smile.


What is Digital Smile Design?
Our dentist will use a digital planning tool and software to correct issues with your smile that would be more fitting to your facial features. Essentially DSD addresses the aesthetic relationship of your teeth, gums, smile, and the face. A treatment plan is then created to address issues of symmetry, unevenness, or any feature of the smile that is disproportionate.
How much does a smile makeover cost?
The cost of Smile Design varies. Not every patient has the same needs, and some are more extensive than others. The cost of the Smile Design can be broken down into the procedures needed to correct. For instance, if veneers are recommended, the average price can be $600-$900 per veneer.
Is Digital Smile Design painful?
No. With DSD, we will take images of your face and x-rays, which is a painless procedure. These images will be uploaded to our computers, which we will use to discuss with the you the areas you would like to enhance or change.

A Perfect Smile Is Achievable With Smile Design From Soundview Dental!

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Are you ready to start your journey towards the beautiful, healthy smile you’ve always wanted? Soundview Family Dental is here to help. With our Smile Design services, we will tailor a treatment plan based on your specific needs, no one else’s. Our top priority is always our patients and their smiles. If you are ready to take the next step, schedule a consultation with our dentist today. You may give us a call at (425) 563-6360.

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