Wisdom Tooth Removal

Surgical Procedure to Solve Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth aren’t always painful, or disruptive to other teeth. But when they are, having them removed is the option. Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that appear when a person is 17-25 years old. Not everyone gets wisdom teeth, and not everyone has to deal with impacted teeth. But if your wisdom teeth are a problem, Soundview Family Dental can help.

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Why Choose Soundview Family Dental in Edmonds
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At Soundview Family Dental, our patients are our priority. We strongly believe in delivering the best care possible and making sure our patients are as comfortable as possible. With wisdom teeth extractions, we feel our patients deserve the best. It can be frightening to have a tooth pulled, and we understand.

Our caring team will walk you through what to expect, from the procedure, and during recovery. We think every patient should be fully informed, and understand their treatments.

If you have any questions, our Edmonds dentists, Dr. Kitts and Dr. Hewett, are here to answer them.

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Wisdom Tooth Removal in Edmonds WA

Is Wisdom Tooth Removal Right for You?

Wisdom Tooth Crowding In Gums

If you are looking up whether or not wisdom teeth extractions are right for you, chances are you may already know. An impacted wisdom tooth can be extremely painful. If there isn’t enough space for the tooth to come in, it will cause some discomfort and the possibility of infection. For wisdom teeth that are showing signs of pain, the solution is almost always an extraction.

In some instances, we may recommend the removal of wisdom teeth, if they are affecting your other teeth. When wisdom teeth come in, they can cause damage to the surrounding teeth, or cause a shift, alignment problems, tooth decay, or even damage to surrounding teeth. For these types of situations, extractions can help prevent further issues.

Once the wisdom teeth are removed, you no longer have to worry about them causing more harm, or having more dental work done as a result.

Benefits of Extracting Wisdom Teeth

Having your wisdom teeth removed can help in many ways. Take a look at a few of the advantages of having your third set of molars removed.


Eliminates the worry of crowding.

Reduce chances of needing further dental treatments to correct alignment, broken, or decaying teeth.
Eliminates the pain of an impacted wisdom tooth.
Adjacent teeth won’t be damaged.

The procedure for eliminating wisdom teeth is a surgical extraction. If you have never had a removal performed before, it can sound somewhat scary. However, Soundview Family Dental makes the treatment as comfortable as possible. We will numb the area thoroughly, so there is no pain involved with removal. If at any point, a patient feels discomfort, we can adjust to using more local anesthetic. Our goal is to make the procedure pain-free.

Having wisdom teeth pulled is a surgical procedure. With all surgical procedures, there are risks, but they are minimal. The most common concern is an infection. If for any reason after surgery you notice a discharge, or more bleeding than indicated, don’t hesitate to call our office.

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Are Your Wisdom Teeth Bothering You?

It may start as a slow dulling ache in the back of your mouth, but you know something isn’t right. An impacted wisdom tooth can lead to many problems, aside from the tooth itself being a painful annoyance.

Delaying the removal of your wisdom teeth is not recommended as it can cause infection, gum disease, bone issues, and poor teeth alignment. Even if your wisdom teeth aren’t delivering symptoms of pain, it still may be best for them to be removed.

A consultation with one of our dentists will help to determine which course of treatment is best for you and your situation.

Tooth Pain From Wisdom Tooth

Prevent Other Dental Issues with Wisdom Teeth Removal

While wisdom teeth are designed to be a set of permanent molars, they are not necessary. Many people never develop wisdom teeth. But for those that do have a set, wisdom teeth can contribute to many more problems, which would require additional dental treatments to correct.

When choosing to have your wisdom teeth extracted, you are preventing many of the complications that can occur, and for those experiencing the pain of impacted teeth, extractions can solve the issue quickly.

Our Guarantee

We know that having your wisdom teeth removed is a big deal. After all, it is oral surgery. There will be discomfort following the procedure, and some worries about what to expect.

We will thoroughly go over what to expect from the extraction, and how to care for the incision site during recovery. We guarantee we will make the process as painless as possible, and eliminate problematic wisdom teeth.


How long does it take to recover from a wisdom tooth removal?
Typically, the recovery time for the extraction of the wisdom teeth is about three to four days. There will be some moderate discomfort. For impacted teeth or those that came in at an awkward angle, the recovery time could be as long as a week.
Is wisdom tooth removal painful?
During the procedure, you will be completely numb in the area being worked on. Our dentist will use a local anesthetic to ensure you have a pain-free experience. If at any time you experience pain, we will stop, and give you more anesthetic.

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Prolonging having your wisdom teeth out can do more harm than good. If you are experiencing pain from an impacted tooth, we can help.

With surgery to remove the wisdom teeth, you are not only eliminating an often painful tooth but one that can be damaging to other teeth in the arch. Let one of our experienced dentists remove your wisdom teeth, and help you have a healthier smile.

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