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Our office does its best to keep up with the current best practices in dentistry and to stay abreast of the technologies that are emerging to help keep our patients healthy and improve dental outcomes.

Focusing on the best of what is new in dental research and dental tools, not just chasing the new and shiny, allows us to be better for each and every person who trusts their care to us. Continuing education is the cornerstone of well-integrated technology.

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Advanced Technology for Better Dentistry

We try to maintain a balance between being a high-tech practice with cutting edge tools and providing high-touch, patient-centric experiences. Our investments in laser dentistry, especially for the treatment of periodontal disease, and our investment in appropriate materials for restorations are part of our commitment to making sure your dental work is the highest quality we can provide.

We make our best effort to never lose track of the people we are treating. And, we want our patients to know they are cared for as people by people. No patient should leave our office feeling like they just had a long encounter with dental robots. Still, staying current in technology is important to providing the best outcomes.

We want to make sure that if new technology is available that will give our patients better outcomes, we can invest in it. We will continue to stay abreast of the developments in dentistry to keep our patients’ health foremost in our practice.


“A friend recommended Dr. Kitts, and I’m so thankful! My entire experience at Sound view Dental was positive. Sandra, my hygienist, worked carefully and slowly, explaining everything along the way. The new digital photography equipment is wonderful – no painful cardboard things; and I could see the results right away on the monitor in front of the chair. I really appreciated her positive attitude. Even though it had been awhile since I had been to a dentist, there were no lectures; just positive feedback about what I was doing right, and helpful answers to my questions. And Dr. Kitts was so professional and helpful. I had been putting some important work off, but he explained it so carefully and made me so confident in a good outcome that I was able to get over my concerns. I’m so glad to have found a dental office I’m comfortable with.”

– Carolyn

3D Imaging

3D imaging with our 3M™ True Definition Scanner makes goopy physical impressions a thing of the past and allows us to create 3D digital models with the utmost precision.

Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays are safer than traditional x-rays with 90% less radiation exposure and can be taken in a matter of moments right from the dental chair.

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras give us a whole new level of insight into the health of your mouth and allow you to see what we see so you can better understand your oral health and treatment needs.

Laser Dentistry

Electro Surge and LANAP® laser technology allow us to perform deep cleanings, periodontal therapy, and many soft tissue procedures with less pain, faster recovery, and better results – without scalpels and sutures!

Panoramic X-rays

When 2-dimensional x-rays just don’t cut it, our panoramic x-ray machine comes in handy. Panoramic x-rays give us a complete, 3-dimensional x-ray of your entire head, jaw, and mouth so we can create an ideal treatment plan for you.

Comfort First Dentistry

If fear and anxiety are keeping you from getting the care you need, we would love to help you conquer your fears with Comfort First dentistry. Sit back, relax, and before you know it you’ll be on your way home knowing you made the right decision to come see us.

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