Our office does its best to keep up with the current best practices in dentistry and to stay abreast of the technologies that are emerging to help keep our patients healthy and improve dental outcomes.

Focusing on the best of what is new in dental research and dental tools, not just chasing the new and shiny, allows us to be better for each and every person who trusts their care to us. Continuing education is the cornerstone of well-integrated technology.

Advanced Technology for Better Dentistry

We try to maintain a balance between being a high-tech practice with cutting edge tools and providing high-touch, patient-centric experiences. Our investments in laser dentistry, especially for the treatment of periodontal disease, and our investment in appropriate materials for restorations are part of our commitment to making sure your dental work is the highest quality we can provide.

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X-Guide Navigation

X-Guide™ Navigation

We are among a select few regional providers offering the very latest in surgical implant technology: X-Guide navigated implant surgery. X-Guide means perfect implant placement, every time. Which means perfectly reliable results, for you.
Cone Beam

Cone Beam 3D Imaging

Traditional dental X-rays provide 2D images. That’s fine for diagnosing cavities. But for dental surgeries, 3D imaging is a must. Cone Beam technology produces a wide variety of views and angles, with greater detail and clarity which allows precision surgical planning.
LANAP® Laser Treatment

Laser Dentistry

Electro Surge and LANAP® laser technology allow us to perform deep cleanings, periodontal therapy, and many soft tissue procedures with less pain, faster recovery, and better results – without scalpels and sutures!

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays are safer than traditional x-rays with 90% less radiation exposure and can be taken in a matter of moments right from the dental chair.
Intraoral Camera

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras give us a whole new level of insight into the health of your mouth and allow you to see what we see so you can better understand your oral health and treatment needs.
Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaning

We use ultrasonic scalers to get your teeth super-clean, in less time and with less discomfort. An ultrasonic scaler cleans the teeth with a tiny hand-held wand that vibrates gently, blasting away tough stains and built-up gunk.

Come Experience the Difference

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