Removable Prosthesis for Replacing Missing Teeth

Overdentures can be supported by the root of your natural teeth or by dental implants. They are considered an excellent solution to replacing missing teeth. By using an overdenture for replacing missing teeth, patients can preserve their bone tissue and have sensory advantages when the tooth root is still present.

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At Soundview Family Dental we know that having missing teeth can impact a person’s life in more ways than one. You may feel less confident about your appearance. You may also find it challenging to eat and enjoy the foods you once loved.

With our solutions for missing teeth including overdentures, we can restore the appearance and function of your smile. Our Edmonds dentists, Dr. Kitts and Dr. Hewett, help patients every day regain their smiles through restorative dentistry options, and can help you too.

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Implant Supported Dentures in Edmonds WA

Benefits of Choosing Overdentures

Implant Supported Denture (Overdenture)

Overdentures are classified into two groups, as to how they are attached or the type of abutment used. The first is using the natural tooth as a means of support, while the other is using an implant-supported system to stabilize the restoration.

It hasn’t been found that either option is better than the other; both work very well to restore the look and feel of a person’s smile.

There are upsides to both the implant-supported system, and the use of the natural tooth root for the purpose of overdentures. One feature that many dentists support is the fact that both options preserve the bone tissue.

Traditional dentures, those used to restore a full set, will ride on the gumline, causing bone loss over time. Overdentures, as the name suggests, go over the gum, but are attached similarly the way your natural teeth are.

Other Benefits to Choosing Overdentures Include

Perfect replacement for several missing teeth.
Can replace a full arch.
Allows for a stronger bite.
Doesn’t contribute to significant bone loss.
With overdentures using natural tooth root, sensation can feel more like your natural teeth.
Removable or fixed.
More comfortable.
Overdentures aren’t right for everyone, but they are a suitable replacement for those missing multiple missing teeth on a single arch. For those that have enough healthy bone tissue, dental implants may be the best way to go for securing their overdentures. While overdentures are traditionally removable, they can be fixed into place by your dentist.

One of the most significant advantages to having a natural root supported overdenture is having similar sensations as your natural teeth. With using the tooth root, you can also prevent bone loss. Bone loss will occur when the tooth and tooth root are extracted. This leaves no feeling for the patient and will affect the sensation of chewing greatly. With dental implants, there is a loss of proprioception and can be a struggle to getting used to.

There are very few risks involved with overdentures. But it is essential to note that having dental implants placed can carry its own set of risks because it is oral surgery, the largest being the risk of infection. With overdentures, some risks include a fractured prosthesis, damage to periodontal tissue, tooth decay of the remaining teeth, and bone resorption.

Would You like to Replace Your Missing Teeth?

Having missing teeth can be upsetting for just about anyone. It will impact your ability to eat, sometimes speak, and affect how confident you feel when smiling. However, there is a better solution to living with missing teeth, with overdentures. These dental fixtures can replace several missing teeth in the top or bottom arch, restoring the appearance of your smile, as well as give better external features.

Overdentures, no matter if you choose to use dental implants, or your natural root for support, are an excellent choice for anyone that desires a full smile. They can be more cost-effective than other solutions, long-lasting, and more durable, offering the wearer a greater sense of permanent replacement.

Are you having a hard time deciding which option is best for your teeth replacement solution? At Soundview Family Dental, we will walk you through all the options available to meet your specific needs. Certain dental appliances aren’t right for everyone, and we will thoroughly assess which is right for you.

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Improved Function with Overdentures

Imagine being able to eat the foods you love while having a full smile you can confidently display. These things are all possible with overdentures. We highly recommend the use of dental implants to support your overdenture for a more secure fitment and long-lasting solution to teeth replacement. However, your natural tooth root can be used for overdentures which is slightly more cost-effective for replacing multiple missing teeth.

When replacing missing teeth, there are both physical and psychological advantages. Often our patients find that with overdentures they feel more confident in social settings, whether it be not worrying that their dental fixture will come loose, or having a full smile they can proudly show off.

Our Guarantee

We know that living with missing teeth can be difficult. But with overdentures, we can restore your smile and have you feeling like your old self again. There is no better time to seek replacements for missing teeth, and with overdentures, you have a cost-effective way of replacing missing teeth, or a more permanent solution if choosing dental implant-supported overdentures. At Soundview Family Dental, we are here to help you find the best restoration for your smile. One that complements your needs and your budget.


What is the average cost of Overdentures?

The cost of overdentures depends on the patient’s unique situation. Not everyone needs a full set of overdentures, and not everyone opts for using dental implants. The average cost per implant can be between $2000-$6000. A complete set of overdentures can roughly cost about $30,000.

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