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Tooth bonding is an excellent cosmetic service that can correct many imperfections a person’s smile may have. This non-invasive procedure can be done in a single office visit and is perfectly safe for people of all ages. In general dentistry, bonding is often used to fill cavities. Bonding is an inexpensive solution to correcting imperfections while being a pain-free option.

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At Soundview Family Dental, we value our patients. Our primary concern is addressing your concerns and creating a treatment plan that corrects the problem, for a beautiful, healthy smile you will enjoy for years to come. As the top choice in Edmonds for cosmetic dental procedures, we are pleased to provide tooth bonding services at our office.

Our commitment to our patients means we will go above and beyond so that you are thrilled with the outcome of any procedure or treatment that we do. Our team stays up to date on the latest changes and advancements in the field to give the highest quality patient care possible.

If you are ready to correct, improve and enhance the look of your smile, we can’t wait to help you on that journey. Start by giving us a call at (425) 563-6360 to schedule a consultation with one of our Edmonds dentists, Dr. Kitts or Dr. Hewett.

Cracked Tooth - Tooth Bonding in Edmonds, WA

The Versatility of Tooth Bonding

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Tooth bonding is a straightforward procedure but provides outstanding results. We can use bonding as a way to close gaps between teeth, fill cracks, reshape teeth, and much more.

Bonding has been around the dental field for decades and is one of the best solutions to many imperfections in a patient’s smile.

One reason many choose this treatment over veneers or onlays is cost. Bonding is a cost-effective approach to handling many aesthetic challenges.

Bonding is the technique of applying a tooth-colored resin on top of the surface of the tooth. It adheres to the enamel and doesn’t require additional preparation like with veneers where shaving is necessary. A high-density curing light is used to harden the resin.

Bonding Has Many Benefits & Is Less Expensive

Not only is bonding less expensive, but it also offers similar durability to that of veneers. Most patients can expect the bonding to last up to ten years, sometimes longer depending on dental care, and oral habits. Are you unsure if tooth bonding is the right cosmetic option for you? Take a look at some of the excellent benefits of using bonding and what dental problems can be solved.

There are many reasons our dentists may recommend dental bonding to a patient. It is one of the fastest ways to get amazing results, without having to make multiple appointments, or waiting for a lab to create a single coverage for a tooth.


Corrects uneven teeth.

Reshapes teeth.
Cover discolorations.
No preparation; painless procedure.
Fixes chipped teeth.
Improves the overall appearance of your smile.
Bonding can be done in a single office visit.

Solving Minor Imperfections with Bonding

Cracks, chips, and gaps can happen to anyone. When they do the outcome can be displeasure with one’s smile. If you are focused on a single flaw or perhaps many smaller issues, bonding is an excellent way to get the results you desire.

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, bonding is extraordinarily versatile but requires a skilled dentist to apply the resin. There is some art that goes into filling gaps and creating the contours of a natural tooth, and experience is needed to create a natural looking smile.

What If You Could Have the Smile You’ve Always Wanted

As you look through pictures, you may see people who have perfect looking teeth. It is essential to know that we aren’t all born with a beautiful smile, free from imperfections.

Most everyone has something they don’t like about their teeth, whether it is genetic, environmental, or even an accident. But with the help of cosmetic services like dental bonding from Soundview Family Dental, we can enhance the beauty of your teeth, eliminating many of the minor issues that may be a source of discontent.

Our Personal Guarantee

We know that choosing a dentist for cosmetic procedures is a significant decision. You are entrusting your smile to someone else. We understand, and we take our time with each patient so that they get the results they desire. Our ultimate goal is to see our patients happy, no matter if they are visiting us for their bi-annual cleaning or for their cosmetic procedures such as dental bonding, teeth whitening, or dental implants.


How much does it cost to bond a tooth?

If a bonding procedure is required for structural purposes or to fill a cavity, the cost of the procedure may be shared with your insurance company. For those done for purely aesthetic reasons, this may not be the case. The average price to bond a tooth is between $250- $600 a tooth.

Does tooth bonding last?

How long tooth bonding lasts depends on how much material was used and what your oral habits are. For most patients, you can expect the dental bond to last up to ten years, sometimes more. As an inexpensive solution to filling gaps, cracks, and chips, tooth bonding is well worth the investment.

Does tooth bonding hurt?

Unlike other cosmetic procedures that require the enamel to be shaved down like with veneers, tooth bonding requires only the application of the bonding material. This means there is zero pain involved during the dental bonding procedure. In most cases, a local anesthetic will not be used because the area to be worked on has little to no sensitivity.

Is dental bonding strong?

As one of the most common cosmetic dental procedures performed, dental bonding is the go-to for many types of repairs and enhancements for the teeth. The bonding material is made up of a resin that is very durable and can last over a decade.

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Life can move pretty fast, and finding time to visit the dentist for services to improve your smile, may not always make it to the top of the list. But at Soundview Family Dental we are pleased to offer an excellent solution for aesthetic issues with teeth bonding services.

There is no need to wait weeks to see results. We can perform tooth bonding in office, correcting chips, cracks, gaps, and other issues quickly.

So what are you waiting for? Visit us today for a consultation, and learn if tooth bonding is right for you. You can schedule an appointment online, or give us a call at (425) 563-6360.

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