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A full mouth restoration is one of the more extensive services we offer at Soundview Family Dental. But it is also one that fixes virtually all the problems a patient could have with the appearance and function of their smile. Restorations can include replacing missing teeth, correcting imperfections like chips or cracks in the teeth, filling cavities, and replacing older dental work like worn or cracked crowns.

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for full-mouth restoration in Edmonds

As we get older, there is an increasing likelihood of multiple issues with the look and function of our smiles. Whether there was damage to a tooth, or whether your older dental work requires an update, our full mouth restoration service is a perfect solution.

At or Edmonds office, we use the latest techniques in the industry to deliver the highest quality results. One of our primary goals is helping patients love their smiles. With full mouth restorations, we can completely change the look of your smile, improve function, and ultimately give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

Our dentist, Dr. Kitts will rebuild your smile with advanced procedures that guarantee fantastic results. There are several instances where full mouth restorations are the ideal solution, including where more extensive work is needed, in many different areas of the mouth.

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Benefits of
full mouth restoration dentistry

Do you have multiple dental issues that are affecting your oral health and overall quality of life? If so, a full mouth restoration might be the solution you need to restore your smile and confidence.

This comprehensive dental procedure involves a variety of restorative and cosmetic treatments that can repair or replace damaged or missing teeth, and improve the appearance and function of your smile. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from a full mouth restoration:


Long-lasting results

With proper care, the results of a full mouth restoration can last for many years, giving you a healthy and beautiful smile for a long time.


Improved oral health

A full mouth restoration can address various dental issues, including tooth decay, gum disease, and bite problems, to improve your overall oral health.


Enhanced aesthetics

Full mouth restoration can improve the appearance of your smile by addressing issues such as stained, chipped, or misaligned teeth.


Better functionality

A full mouth restoration can restore the function of your teeth, allowing you to eat and speak properly and comfortably.


Customized treatment plan

A full mouth restoration is tailored to your unique dental needs, ensuring that you receive the best possible care.

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Is a full mouth restoration right for you?

Has older dental work been bothering you lately? Are you unhappy with the shape of your teeth, or would you like to replace missing teeth? Full mouth restorations are perfect for anyone that would like to restore the appearance and function of their teeth, for the healthiest smile possible.

During a consultation with our dentist we will go over any dental issue that may be bothering you. We examine your teeth thoroughly, so it’s possible we may find some issues that you aren’t yet aware of, which should be addressed to prevent bigger issues down the road. We will create an individualized treatment plan for you, specific to your needs – because everyone’s dental situation is unique. This can also help our patients time their procedures to suit their schedule, and their budget.

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Imagine not having to worry about any dental issues, other than needing cleaning and exam. For many, this could seem like an impossible dream. But we assure you it isn’t. Our full mouth restorations can give you back a healthy smile, repairing dental issues and replacing older dental fixtures with newer materials that are of higher quality for lasting results.If you have been frustrated by difficulties eating your favorite food, or are having pain from a broken tooth or need teeth replaced, our full mouth restoration service can solve all of these frustrations.

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Broken teeth can cause more problems

When considering whether a full mouth restoration is right for you, you may be surprised at all the dental problems this service can address. For example, having missing teeth can also create an alignment problem. For many patients, not fixing gaps can ultimately lead down the road of needing orthodontic services or the use of clear aligners for correction. Broken teeth can also become a nuisance, not only because they are unattractive but because they can cause pain. With full mouth restorations, our team can often place a crown on the broken tooth, which can save your natural tooth. In cases where the broken tooth needs to be extracted, such that a crown isn’t possible, we have a variety of replacement options, including the gold standard: dental implants.
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Our guarantee

Our full mouth dental restoration services are designed to help you achieve a healthy, functional smile. Dr. Kitts, our skilled dentist, will create a customized treatment plan that fits your unique needs and goals. We use high-quality materials and the latest technology to restore your teeth to their optimal health and function. Our goal is to provide you with personalized care and attention every step of the way, so you can enjoy a beautiful, natural-looking smile.

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Have you been putting off visiting the dentist, because you feel like your teeth can’t be saved, or there is too much work involved to get you the smile you want? Don’t you deserve a smile that you can be happy to show off? We think so. Our dental team can tailor a treatment plan to address all the problems that are affecting the look and function of your mouth. With this method of correction, we can start making a difference in the condition of your teeth, at the time frame and budget you are most comfortable with.



A full mouth restoration may range from replacing missing teeth, to correcting damaged teeth, to enhance the look and function of your smile. Bridges, crowns, dental implants, dentures, and cosmetic dentistry services may all be used to achieve a patient’s desired dental goal.


The cost of a full mouth restoration will vary from patient to patient. Not everyone has the same needs or the same situation. But our office will make sure you understand the total cost of your full mouth restoration before the work begins.


Again, this varies. Some patients need less corrective procedures, while others need more extensive work. On average, a full mouth restoration can take up to a year to complete.

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