X-Guide Navigated Surgery

We are among a select few regional providers offering the very latest in surgical implant technology: X-Guide navigated implant surgery. X-Guide means perfect implant placement, every time. Which means perfectly reliable results, for you.

X-guide Is Revolutionary

Traditional dental implant surgery is done free-hand: the surgeon has a view only from the outside, navigating the placement of instruments through feel alone. With X-Guide, it’s like having an intraoral camera right on your surgical instruments.

X-Guide gives us visual access, so that during surgery, we can see on a computer screen exactly where our surgical tools are operating, and exactly where we are placing your implant, in real-time.

Pic Of X-Guide Equipment

10x More Accurate

X-Guide navigated surgery is ten times more accurate than free-hand dental implant surgery. More accuracy means your new tooth goes exactly where we want it to, which means you get the best possible look and the best possible function. It also means a minimally invasive surgical procedure. Because we can see exactly where we need to put our instruments, our surgeries involve fewer incisions and avoid the delicate tissues surrounding the surgical site. This gives you a better overall surgical experience, with less post-surgical discomfort and quicker recovery times.

Dr. Kitts Using X-Guide

spend less time in the dental office

X-Guide also means our dental implant patients spend less time in the dental office. Typically, dental implant surgeries involve multiple office visits and span several weeks, while patients and doctors wait for plastic custom surgical “guides” to be created in a remote lab. But with X-Guide, there’s no need for a plastic surgical “guide,” so there’s no delay between the time you decide you want the surgery, and when you can have the surgery. You could even have your implant placed on the very same day!

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